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Cheryl is a strategic marketing professional who strives to create relevant, interesting, and entertaining content that people want to talk about and share. While acquiring skill sets in social media marketing, she realized that one has to know more about targeted messaging and relationship building than social media platforms.


In essence, technology will change — human behavior and marketing communication fundamentals will not. In order to be a successful communicator in today’s market, one has to know how to have a big presence in a small amount of time!


Cheryl understands how to align ideas with business objectives and priorities. She is an effective communicator through all organizational levels — from executive leadership through accounting to frontline operations. She ramps up quickly on any subject and works comfortably within the creative department — managing writers, designers and developers to produce creative communication vehicles that are on strategy and on target.  

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M e e t   C h e r y l   E.  W a l t e r s

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Senior Product & Solutions Marketing Manager,

HP Inc.

           David Keith

phone: 281.536.3242


email: [email protected]

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          Cheryl is a Rockstar! She is a strong creative leader with a ton of passion and enthusiasm. She knows how to execute and always comes through when tasked with different levels of challenges.


One highlight is her ability to understand a customer journey and build both content and creative approaches to each phase of the journey. In addition, have seen her knowledge and expertise first hand with social media and other forms  of digital marketing.


I am looking forward to working   with Cheryl in the future.

David Keith